New Celtic cross for Wales

 Carved out of a rough sandstone monolith, Wales' most recent Celtic cross looks as it it has been there longer than it has. It stands in the public garden of the Poor Clare Colettines in Hawarden and is surrounded by a memorial garden, a place of prayer for the many visitors to the Monastery. Designed by the Sisters and executed by Stephen Blackwell and Company, the cross was raised to the memory of the late Archbishop John Aloysius Ward OFM Cap, Emeritus of Cardiff, and blessed on March 29, the Saturday nearest the Archbishop's first Anniversary. The principal Celebrant of the Mass was Father Gareth Jones who had been the Archbishop's secretary. Canon James Cunnane, erstwhile Pastor of the Welsh Shrine of our Lady of the Taper, gave the Homily The six foot cross arrived with Mr Blackwell's engineers on Holy Thursday and was lowered into its grounding at the hour when priests renew their vows in the Chrism Mass and while the sisters were still singing the long liturgy of prayer for the day. After reflection, the Sisters decided to call it the Cross of the Church. The Lord stands as it were before the cross, both crucified and risen. At his right, Mary holds the chalice of the Church, to receive the blood and water of the sacraments. On the left, the Apostle John unfurls the scroll of the Word - the Churches proclamation of the Gospel. Pictures of the cross and a full account of its history and symbolism, with an account of the Archbishop's life can be found on the Sisters' website at Source: Ty Mam Duw Poor Clare Colettine Community

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