Stand Up for Zimbabwe

 Zimbabwean exiles in the UK, together their friends and supporters, are to 'Stand Up for Zimbabwe' tomorrow. outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London WC2. The action is part of an international event to commemorate Africa Day during the week of 25 May. It is organised by the Zimbabwe Vigil which has been standing up for Zimbabwe every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 6pm for the last six years. There will also be Zimbabwean singing, dancing and drumming. A spokeswoman said: "We will be standing up for Zimbabwe at 6pm at the end the Vigil by forming a large circle and singing the African anthem Nkosi Sikelele / Ishe Komberera Africa, in Ndebele and Shona. This is how we end the Vigil every week. We are often joined by passers-by who are visibly moved by our singing. "Depending on the weather, we are planning a mass 'lie down' as a way of graphically illustrating how many more people might die if the crisis isn't resolved. "We will also be asking supporters to ask their churches and community groups around the UK to organise Stand up for Zimbabwe, events on Sunday, 25 May. The international event is gathering momentum with regional events planned in several African countries check: For more information: Contact Vigil Co-ordinators Rose Benton (07970 996 003) and Dumi Tutani (07960 039 775) or visit:

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