Petition to HM Queen Elizabeth II on the Embryology Bill

 We've just received the following petition to HM Queen Elizabeth II appealing to her not to give the Royal Assent to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. The petition was started by Burma campaigner James Mawdsley. The text of his petition follows below. To add your signature scroll down to the link at the end. The petition Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA 21st May 2008 Your Majesty, For the defence of your most vulnerable subjects, for the future of the Realm, can I beg Your Majesty not to give Royal Assent to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. By legalising animal-human hybrids, the Bill disregards the distinction between man and other animals. In this it denies our immortal soul. By legalising the creation of saviour siblings, the Bill proclaims that man and science can deliver us from suffering even by violating fundamental ethical norms such as no person is to be used (or created) as a means to somebody else's end. By allowing the creation of fatherless children the Bill enshrines an extreme rejection of the Father. Fatherhood is intrinsic to life, encoded in the deepest reality not only of creation but first of the uncreated Trinity. By resisting all attempts to lower the upper limit for abortions from 24 weeks the Bill proves itself to be against God's own gift to us: life itself. Your Majesty is the only person in the world with the temporal power to prevent this Bill from becoming an Act. Please help us. Fr Aidan Nichols, OP, wrote of your Coronation: "Taking the orb, surmounted by the cross, [the Queen] was reminded that "the whole world is subject to the power and empire of Christ our Redeemer;The sceptre, the supreme symbol of royal power, the ensign of kingly power and justice, was handed over simultaneously with the dove-headed rod, as a sign that justice and mercy are never to be put asunder."" In this Fr Nichols gives your subjects tremendous hope that whenever Parliament fails grievously, our monarch may protect us from evil. Please defend us. Yours most sincerely, James Mawdsley and The Undersigned Note: 29 May 2008 - Two readers have made the following comments. It would have been more helpful if they had written directly to ICN. Instead they chose to inform Her Majesty the Queen via the petition. Fortunately I spotted the advice too and w able to make the necessary amendment. Thank you so muck Mr Crossley and Mr Russell. - editor. 19 Dominic Crossley Whilst this may seem a trivial issue in comparison with the extremely serious subject under discussion, CAN YOU PLEASE amend the reference to "Royal Highness" on the petition to "Majesty". It makes all of us (Catholic lay people) look incompetent and amateur, not least because there is reference to "Her Majesty" elsewhere. For the avoidance of doubt, "Your Majesty" is the style of a king or queen; "Your Royal Highness" is the style of a prince or princess. I have noticed many examples of such errors on ICN reporting over the years. I will gladly add my name to the petition anyway, but I would prefer that if my sovereign is to be addressed on my behalf, she is addressed in the correct manner ! 213 warren russell I sincerely hope that Her Majesty may not be offended br relegating her title to 'Royal Highness' in the email cover letter (not the letter forming the petiton) when her proper title, being monarch is 'Her Majesty, Your Majesty, etc.

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