Archbishop welcomes Bethlehem to Liverpool

 The Archbishop of Liverpool, the Most Reverend Patrick Kelly, yesterday morning hosted students and staff from Bethlehem University for breakfast at Archbishop's House, Liverpool. The young people are in Liverpool to take part in 'The Big Hope', the global youth congress hosted by Liverpool Hope University. The Archbishop extended the invitation in order to offer hospitality to those he has met on his frequent visits to the Holy Land. Each year he attends the International Holy Land Co-ordination which is a meeting of Catholic Bishops representing countries which have been involved in the history of that region; they meet with and express solidarity for the Churches in the Holy Land as they seek never to be silent in the face of injustice and violence. In welcoming the visitors to his home Archbishop Kelly said: 'It is a wonderful privilege for me to welcome staff and students to the city and to my house. I am delighted to be able to return the hospitality that I receive during my visits to the Holy Land. I have been visiting there for many years and a highlight of each visit is travelling to Bethlehem University and meeting the staff and students. Bethlehem University truly shines out as a beacon of hope in the region.' Dina Awwad, Development Officer for the University thanked the Archbishop and presented him with a gift from the students: a commemorative olive wood box from the University. She said: 'Archbishop Kelly is one of our regular visitors and a good friend and supporter of our University. We are grateful for his help in bringing us to Liverpool. The congress is about preparing the leaders of the future and it is important for us as Palestinians to give a view of what we can do for Palestine and also learn what we can do for society. It is so enlightening for our students to be able to meet people from all over the world. Stephanie Nasser, 21, who is a third year student at Bethlehem University studying Computer Information Systems said: 'We are at Liverpool Hope University and we want to show the world that we have hope. Our hope is that there will be peace in Palestine. We really want to show other students from across the world who we are and be able to share our stories with them.' The students from Bethlehem will be staying in Liverpool until Wednesday 11 June. Source: Archdiocese of Liverpool

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