Westminster welcomes three new Permanent Deacons

 Three new Permanent Deacons have been ordained for Westminster Diocese. Gordon Nunn was ordained at Ealing Abbey on 7 June, by Bishop Alan Hopes, Anthony Clarke was ordained at St Edward the Confessor, Golders Green on 14 June, by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor and Simon Wright was was ordained at St Mark's, Hemel Hempstead on 15 June, by Bishop George Stack. Gordon Nunn was baptised and grew up in the Church of England and was received into the Roman Catholic Church in 1996. He was appointed Sacristan at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Church, Kensington in 1997 and was first encouraged to consider a calling to serve God specifically as a Deacon whilst at Kensington. In 2000, together with his wife Susanne he moved to Ealing and became members of Ealing Abbey parish. At Ealing Abbey, Dom Stanislaus Hobbs OSB suggested that Gordon apply to train as a deacon and Gordon continues to be encouraged and supported by his current Parish Priest Dom Peter Burns OSB. Both Gordon and his wife Susanne serve as Marriage preparation Catechists as well as being part of the Faith sharing groups at Ealing Abbey. Simon Wright and his wife Cecilia live in the Parish of Hemel Hempstead West and worship at their Parish Church, St. Mark's. They have four grown up children, all boys, and their first grand child, Isabelle, was born eight months ago. Simon's duties will take him to two other parishes, Hemel Hempstead Boxmore and Hemel Hempstead North, since Fr John Byrne, Simon's parish Priest, is parish Priest to three parishes. Simon is an independent IT consultant specializing in Requirements Engineering and Process Improvement. Anthony Clark was born in 1945 near Cape Town, South Africa, He spent over a decade as a scholastic in the Jesuits. He married his wife Martine in 1978 and they settled in London where he taught in the East End at St Johns. He then lectured in theology and education at Newman College in Birmingham before being appointed the Continuing Education officer in the newly formed Westminster Diocese Education Service in 1984. He continues to serve the diocese as an adviser in secondary Catholic education. At St Edward the Confessor parish in Golders Green where he will serve as Deacon, Anthony Clarke assists with the RCIA and runs a monthly Bible Study group. He was encouraged to apply to train as a Deacon by his parish priest, Fr John Helm. Could you become a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of Westminster? The guidelines below provide some general information. Further information about the Permanent Diaconate is available from: Canon Pat Browne, Holy Apostles Presbytery, 47 Cumberland Street, Pimlico, SW1V 4LY. Tel: 020 7834 6965. Email: patbrowne@rcdow.org.uk Single men over 35 who feel a call to service of the Church and the World who also feel called to a celibate life. Married men over 40. Most of these candidates will be in the world of work and will continue there after ordination - indeed it is the role of the permanent deacon to have one foot in the sanctuary and the other in the workplace. The men will have demonstrated the necessary maturity for a life-long commitment. They will be prepared to embark on a three year course of formation. They will be already working collaboratively with priests and lay-people in the local church in works of service and exercising some leadership roles. Above all, they will be men of faith and prayer with a desire to serve others for the sake of God's Kingdom. Source: Archbishop's House

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