Special prayer for opening of Beijing Olympics

 The Church of England has published a new prayer on its website at www.cofe.anglican.org/prayers to mark the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. It has been written especially for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by the Revd Peter Moger, the Church of England's National Worship Development Officer. As well as focusing on the well-being of everyone involved in the Olympics, the prayer asks for a striving for excellence, and a spirit of humility and fair play. It is one of many prayers published throughout the year on the Church of England website on contemporary issues. In recent months there have been specially commissioned prayers on debt, exam stress, world peace and Burma. Prayer for Olympics Everlasting God, giver of joy and source of abundant life, we pray for all who are involved in the Beijing Olympic Games, and especially those who represent Great Britain: for their safe-keeping and well-being; and as we celebrate the skill and resolve of those who compete we pray that, throughout the Games, there would be a striving for excellence, a spirit of humility and fair play, and a respect for others, and that all who wait on you may find their strength renewed in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: Church of England Communications Office

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