Comboni missionary missing in Congo

 Fears are growing for the safety of a Comboni missionary who has been missing in a war zone for more than six days. Fr Ngumba Lelo Joseph, 33, has not been seen since violent fighting devastated the city of Kisangani in the north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Fr Joseph was injured in the fighting between the Ugandan and Rwandan troops and was last seen trying to reach a medical centre. He has not been seen since. Yesterday morning (Monday) UN observers said Kisangani was now calm, but many areas had been completely destroyed, there was no water, food or medicine. He reported that the hospitals were running out of medical supplies. Numerous bodies are still buried under the rubble. The worst-hit neighbourhood by the violent clashes was Limo Tshopo, on the outskirts of Kisangani, where not even the religious communities or Churches were spared. A missionary spokesman said there were about 250 homeless people, including seminarians, staying at the St Gabriel Dehonian mission, 5km from the centre of Kisangani. The Canossian Sisters at the same missionary complex are caring for about 200 displaced people in their home.

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