Ugandan Bishops call for troops withdrawal as Congo death toll rises

 The Catholic Bishops of Uganda have asked the governments of Rwanda and Uganda to pull their troops out from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Speaking to the Uganda newspaper 'New Vision' in Kampala, Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala said they deplored all conflicts, inside and outside of Uganda and condemned the fighting in Kisangani. They appealed to the civilian and military leaders involved in the "senseless bloodshed" to stop and "concentrate efforts" on finding a rapid and peaceful solution". The International Red Cross report that more than 500 people have died in the fighting in Kisangani over the last few days. Aid agencies and missionaries in the area have said this figure could be much higher. Many homes and businesses have been destroyed in the conflict. There is a shortage of food and water. The Red Cross are concerned over the increasing threat of epidemic, and report a continuous flow of people leaving the city for fear of renewed fighting between the foreign troops.

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