Catholic agencies fly food into war-torn Congo

 CAFOD and its sister Caritas are stepping up food relief to Kisangani as refugees return to the city. While the invading Ugandan and Rwandan troops have gone, they have left what was once a thriving regional, commercial and transport centre in rubble with hundreds dead, thousands injured and tens of thousands displaced or hiding in the jungle. Bishop Faustin Ngabu of Goma said: "All of Congo wants peace. After the last attacks, there were a huge number killed and injured, houses and buildings destroyed and even the cathedral was badly damaged." Bishop Ngabu said the whole of the country had been affected by the war and called for national and regional reconciliation. He said: "All wars must be condemned but this one is even more intolerable because the armies trying to take Kisangani are foreigners who have been fighting their battles on Congolese territory." CAFOD has given 32,000 pounds to pay for food and transport into Kisangani. The local partner Caritas Goma are co-ordinating the transportation and distribution of the food.

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