Death threat Archbishop - appeal letter

 Following the article about Archbishop Ncube yesterday, Mugabe snubs Archbishop 4 July 2000, we have received a number of emails from around the world voicing concerns for his safety. We publish one below which expresses the views of all our correspondents on this issue: Dear ICN May I bring to your readers' attention death threats made against Pius Ncube, the Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Archbishop Ncube is a non-partisan advocate of tolerant, multi-ethnic democracy in Zimbabwe. He has consistently spoken out on behalf of the victims of state sponsored violence. His stand attracted the attention of the Central Intelligence Organisation prior to last month's election. CIO intervention did not have the anticipated effect. The Archbishop's moral influence in Matabeleland has been identified as one of the major reasons for the ruling Zanu PF party's subsequent heavy electoral losses. Four death threats have followed in the last week. One of Ncube's predecessors in the Bulawayo diocese was murdered during the bush war. In recent months Zanu PF supporters have carried out assaults on Christians of all denominations. There can be no doubt that the Archbishop's life is in jeopardy. He shrugs off the threats with characteristic Ndebele stoicism. Sustained international attention may inhibit violence directed at Archbishop Ncube. Your readers are asked to send messages of support to the Archbishop's House, PO Box 837, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Sally Andrew London

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