Message from Bono: drop the debt

 Bono of U2 has sent this message to us via the Jubilee 2000 Campaign. Hi, Bono here. How's things? I believe the leaders of the richest nations want to drop the debt. But they seem stuck. They need a big virtual e-push NOW. Please do this action and forward to your friends. 4 love and peace Bono In less than a minute, you can help save the lives of the 19,000 children who die each day. These children die because money that should go on clean water and medicines in the poorest countries is still being used to pay off foreign debt to rich countries. Just send one email to the address below and it will go straight to Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and the other leaders of the seven richest countries. If enough people do this, the leaders will cancel the debts when they meet in Japan on 21st July. 1. Email '' now. Put 'Drop the Debt Now' in the subject line and add a message if you wish. 2. Forward this message to at least six people who care about this. (Or even better, copy and paste into a new email to avoid lots of >>s) Visit to see the result of your action and to find out why Bono, Muhammad Ali and the Pope back the Jubilee 2000 campaign. You will receive an acknowledgement but your email address will not be stored or passed on.

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