Hong Kong: faith leaders message for Chinese New Year

 Solidarity, charity, moral principles, interior purification, and spirituality are the key points needed to overcome the current crisis and bring about peace and harmony in the coming year. That is the advice from leaders of the six major religious groups in Hong Kong in their Message for the Chinese New Year.

According to a report from the diocesan newspaper Kong Ko Bao, the leaders of the Buddhist, Confucianist, Catholic, Protestant, Taoist, and Muslim communities have signed the yearly message on the eve of the Chinese New Year, which this year is celebrated today.

In the Message, they make reference to the events that have taken place in Hong Kong over the past year, including the financial crisis that has affected the lives of so many families, leading even to the suicide of many people who lost possessions that they had spent their lives storing up. They also addressed the social issues, the restlessness of the youth...In concluding, the religious leaders said they are convinced that only an interior conversion, a return to traditional moral principles, along with concrete acts of charity, can resolve the situation, freeing the entire land from the crisis which is financial, but above all moral, creating true peace and harmony.

Source: Fides

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