The campaign of one million signatures

 While the casualty toll rises in Israel, every other aspect of life has also come to a standstill. Since the outbreak of violence nearly two months ago most Palestinian schools have been closed. The following petition has been sent to us by Fr Stephain Joulaine, from St Anne's church, Jerusalem. We hope you will sign it. Everyone has the right To education A call for an immediate cessation of Israeli aggression against Palestinian education. We, the undersigned teachers and educators from around the world, call upon all human rights activists, educational organisations, teachers' unions and federations, and defenders of human rights, to raise your voices, loudly, and more loudly, in rejection of the inhuman Israeli assault against Palestinian education, and demand that Israel stop the consistent use of destructive military power against children, civilians and unarmed demonstrators. For over 45 days, most Palestinian schools have been subject to persistent closure. Teachers can not reach their schools due to military sieges and closures around cities, villages and camps. Students are being shot on their way to or from school, and have been bombed in their homes. 31 per cent of those killed and nearly 35 per cent of those injured are students, and the numbers continue to increase. Israel is flagrantly violating all national and international laws and conventions, including those dealing with the right to education, while the world looks on. Palestinians have no right to freedom, to return (of Palestinians in exile back to the homeland), or to an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and now the Israelis are violating the right to education, thus effecting over a million innocent children. But let the numbers speak for themselves: * 45 students killed and 1,503 injured to date * 20,000 students and 500 teachers unable to reach their schools in Hebron city alone, due to closure and curfew * 30 schools totally closed in Hebron; three of them occupied and transformed into military barracks * Five schools and colleges bombed in Nablus, Gaza and Tulkarem * The Palestinian Ministry of Education was forced to close all Palestinian schools (nearly 1200 schools) for one week beginning September 30, 2000 to protect students' lives. These are only some of the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people. Demand an immediate cessation of Israeli aggression against Palestinian education. To sign the petition, please log on to:

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