US Bishops issue ads on stem cell research, abortion

 The Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is offering dioceses and others print ads on stem cell research and abortion.

One newly created ad highlights scientific advances that are making the use of human embryonic stem cells obsolete and calls attention to the development of 'Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells' (iPSCs). These are virtually identical to embryonic stem cells, derived from ordinary body cells and so can be obtained without destroying human embryos. Picturing a commuter running for a train, the ad asks: 'Science is moving on. Isn't it time for public policy to get on board?'

A second ad on stem cell research features advances already being made to treat patients with adult stem cells and directs readers to for more information. Its tagline is: 'Adult Stem Cell Research. Let's Find Cures We Can All Live With."'

A third ad underscores the extreme nature of current abortion policy under Roe v. Wade: "The human heart begins to beat at 22 days. Roe v. Wade says a doctor can stop it for the next 244.Have we gone too far?" The full-color ad directs readers to for more information on abortion law.

The final ad, newly designed, calls on Congress to 'Pledge now to oppose FOCA' -- the 'Freedom of Choice Act,' that is designed to mandate taxpayer funding of abortion and eliminate virtually all current laws regulating abortion. The ad features the eye-catching graphic of a red octagonal sign with the word GO instead of STOP, and reads: 'You can't reduce abortions by promoting abortions. If you agree, oppose the 'Freedom of Choice Act'.'

The ads appeared first in the Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, which was distributed at the Democratic Convention in Denver, and at the Republican Convention in Minneapolis/St Paul.

The ads are available at Catholic dioceses and other pro-life groups nationwide may download and print the unaltered ads free of charge.

Source: USCCB

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