Report from Bethlehem

 This report was sent from the Beit Jala refugee camp Last week, three young men from Deheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem were killed by the Israeli military forces. On Friday and Saturday, the Israeli military forces shelled Beit-Jala El-khader, Deheisheh and Aida Refugee camps at 3 o'clock in the morning, while the inhabitants were sleeping in peace. Children were horrified; and stunned parents, had to look for refuge for them and their children in the cold weather. A 14-year-old boy from Hebron was killed by the military forces. They laid him down on the ground and shot him dead. The Palestinian Authority requested formal investigation for this crime. Another 15-year-old young man from Hebron was killed by by the settlers who trespassed the land and broke into his home. Last night, there was a severe shelling at Beit-Jala and Aida refugee camp that lasted for several hours, causing more damage to houses and the injury of two young people. This time, the Israeli attacks on the peaceful town of Beit-Jala reached our churches. It is an infamy that the shelling caused serious damage to the walls, glass and window sills of Saint Nicola's Orthodox church, Saint Michael's church in the Orthodox cemetery and the Roman Catholic Seminary as well as the Rosary Roman Catholic School. Even the tombs in the cemetery were damaged. The inhabitants of Beit-Jala would like to confirm their steadfastness and their firm belief in peace, in spite of this crisis situation.

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