Moluccan Christians to be evacuated

 The Christian communities in the Spice islands of Keswe and Teor islands are being evacuated on Monday. Hundreds have already tried to escape the islands where Moslem vigilante groups have been carrying out forced conversions and forced circumcisions on men and women in recent months. Rev Sammy Titaley, chair of the Protestant Synod told press that a government expedition will be collecting the refugees on the 22 January and taking them to the Kei Islands, in the south-east Moluccas. He said that in the past two weeks government teams had visited the islands and seen for themselves the Christian community being threatened and abused by some Moslems. Titaley told press that the atrocities that had taken place would be investigated by a court of law. He said that that the events that took place on the islands were not 'normal' Moslem customs. goes here.

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