Over 3,000 marooned at mission station

 As the flood waters rise, more than 3,000 people are said to be stranded at the mission of Inhangoma, 350km north-west of Beira, Mozambique. The missionary news service report that the centre on an outcrop of land between the overflowing of the Zambesi and Chiri Rivers has received no form of aid for at least three weeks and are without food or medical supplies. The terrified refugees are crowded into a school run by the Spanish Sisters of the Divine Pastor. A spokesman said they refused to be rescued by government helicopters, because they were not told where they were going to be taken. After people refused to board helicopters for the second time, a missionary spokesman said the government "closed the case" and has left Inhangoma to its own devices. NGOs and missionaries working in the area are said to be extremely concerned. The government runs all means of transportation and has refused to allow them to rent helicopters to attempt to bring aid to the mission.

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