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Pope Francis: Deep down - Christian life is so simple

Pope Francis yesterday morning told believers not to look to horoscopes or to consult fortune-tellers to foresee the future; but to allow God to guide them in a journey full of surprises. The Pope was speaking during the last Santa Marta Mass of the season before the summer holidays and his return from an apostolic visit to Colombia in September.

Inviting Christians not to be “too sett...

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Reflection with Fr Augusto Zampini Davies: How should we respond to terror?

Fr Augusto Zampini Davies theological advisor at CAFOD gave the following homily on Sunday, 25 June 2017 at Holy Apostles, Pimlico in central London.

The images of the inferno at the Grenfell Tower in London will remain with us for a long time. It was ‘terrifying’ - truly horrible. London will not be the same after that disaster.

Also, (it feels like) terror by extremis...

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Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 25 June 2017

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A number of phrases readily come to mind, when, lost for my words in prayer, I try to think what Jesus is saying to me in the Scriptures. They are phrases you and I hear frequently: ‘do not be afraid, peace be with you, I am with you always’ and so on. However something less obvious occasionally leaps out at me, and not usually the easiest scriptural sayin...

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To hear the voice of God you must make yourself small

In order to hear the voice of the Lord, you need to make yourself small. That was the message of Pope Francis in his homily during morning Mass Casa Santa Marta on Friday, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Lord has chosen us, the Pope said. He has “mixed Himself up with us in the journey of life,” and has given “His Son, and the life of His Son, for our love.”

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Pope Francis: The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep

"The Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheep," Pope Francis during his homily at Casa Santa Marta this morning. Reflecting on the readings of the day, the Pope noted in Saint Paul, the figure of the "true shepherd", who does not abandon his sheep unlike a "mercenary". The first quality, therefore, the Holy Father indicated, is that St Paul is "passionate." Passionate, he added, "to the point...

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Text: Fr Martin Newell anniversary reflection

Veteran Ben Griffin with Fr Martin at alternative Remembrance Day vigil

Passionist priest Fr Martin Newell gave the following reflection on the 20th anniversary of his ordination and his 50th birthday on 11 June, at the Catholic Worker House in London.

In my last year at Seminary, I was in the staff room getting the key for the photocopy room, when a former staff member walked in. He saw me and said “Are you still here?” I guess it is pretty obvi...

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Pope Francis: Memory is essential for faith

Basilica of St John Lateran

On Sunday evening, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Roman Basilica of St John Lateran which was followed by a procession to the Basilica of St Mary Major to mark the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.

In his homily Pope Francis chose to reflect on one word, 'Memory'. The Pope said that “remembering all that the Lord has done for us is the foundation of our own personal history of salvation...

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Corpus Christi Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons

Corpus Christi June 18th 2017

“For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him”. (Jn 6: 55,56) These words are both a promise and an affirmation by Jesus, when we gather, as Christians have done since the community of Disciples began its mission of proclaiming the Gospel (Good News) it is a promise for the Euc...

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Pope Francis: Christian witness is salt and light

Casa Santa Marta Feast of St Anthony

Pope Francis celebrated Mass at Casa Santa Marta this morning, with the C-9 group of Cardinal-advisors who are working to reform the Church’s central governing apparatus. In his reflection after the Readings of the Day, the Holy Father focused on Christ’s call to all the faithful to be salt and light in and for the world.

Pope Francis began by stressing that the proclamation of the Go...

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Pope reflects on the gift of consolation

Pope Francis reflected on the gift of consolation, during Mass on Monday morning at Casa Santa Marta.

The reading from the Second Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians teaches us that consolation is not “autonomous”, Pope Francis said.

“The experience of consolation, which is a spiritual experience, always needs ‘someone else’ in order to be full: no one can console himsel...

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Trinity Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons

Trinity Sunday June 11th 2017

Is the Trinity such a great mystery? Preachers and commentators on scripture often make a great thing about the mystery or great secret of the Holy Trinity, but if we look at how the word mystery or mystḗrion is used in the New Testament, we discover that it’s about the sacred wisdom and truth of God, once secret and hidden from us, now being rev...

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Text: Pope's Meditation at Pentecost Vigil for Golden Jubilee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Pope Francis was joined by leaders of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and representatives of the Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches and other religious confessions for the Vigil of Pentecost and ecumenical prayer at Circus Maximus on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

The event was preceded by hymns, readings and testimonies, and introduced by meditations b...

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Pope Francis: Hypocrisy destroys communities and hurts the Church

Pope Francis today urged Christians to be truthful, warning them against the temptations of hypocrisy and flattery. During his homily at morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, the Pope said hypocrisy is not the language of Jesus, nor is it the language of Christians, in fact, he said, “the hypocrite is capable of destroying a community”.

The Holy Father said Jesus often uses the adjectiv...

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Pope: 'Works of mercy' is more than just giving coins

Doing works of mercy doesn’t mean just giving coins to ease our own consciences. It means doing more than that - sharing in the suffering of others, even at personal cost to ourselves. That was the main message in Pope Francis’ homily during Monday morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta.

Reflecting on the first reading from the book of Tobit, the Pope noted how Tobit was saddened and wept ...

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