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Green Jesuit

Launched ahead of Pope Francis' Encyclical on the Environment Green Jesuit is essential reading. 


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A Clerk of Oxford

I'm an academic in the field of English medieval literature. I blog about the literature and history of medieval England, as well as about saints, churches, folklore, Vikings, poetry, and anything else that takes my fancy.


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CAFOD blog

Blogs from around the world with CAFOD: http://blog.cafod.org.uk/

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Jo Siedlecka's blog

Blog of ICN editor  Jo Siedlecka.  

I don't have much time for blogging but occasionally from now on, I will be posting up items or thoughts about things that particularly strike me. 


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 A blog written by Benedictine nuns from Holy Trinity Monastery, formerly of East Hendred, now at Howton Grove Priory, UK. They write: "We prefer to call ourselves cloistered rather than enclosed because the word ‘enclosed’ may suggest a closed mind. We have a special interest in using contemporary technology to reach out to people who would never otherwise come to the monastery."  See: ...

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These Stone Walls


Blog of Fr Gordon MacRae, an American priest wrongfully imprisoned on an abuse charge.

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Manresa Amigos


Blog of the Jesuits international novitiate in Birmingham.

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London's 100 Best Churches

 Interesting wide-ranging blog by Leigh Hatts, author of London's 100 best Churches  http://www.londons100bestchurches.co.uk/2013/01/

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Zambia Dreaming

Sue Golden working as a volunteer at the Mother of Mercy Hospice, Zambia. She's volunteering as a Counsellor for the Hospice - a posting that was coordinated by Jesuit Missions Volunteering in Wimbledon.


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A Nun's Life

Some of the best Blogs by Catholic Nuns


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