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 Over the weekend of the Genoa G8 Summit, CAFOD is hosting a virtual newsroom on the Drop the Debt website. Visit the newsroom at: www.dropthedebt.org The website features all the latest news, pictures and live updates from both the official conference centres of the G8 Summit to the debt marches on the streets of Genoa. A CAFOD spokesman said: "There will be a lot of media hype about the summit and there may be little attention given to the issues such as third world debt that concern millions - check this site out to find out what is happening from the perspective of campaigners worldwide." Features in the newsroom will include: *Interviews with debt campaigners from around the world *Pictures and stories live from Drop the Debt events in Genoa *Profiles, pictures and quotes from Drop the Debt's celebrity supporters, including U2's Bono, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, and Bob Geldof *Response to official G8 announcements *Latest information about activities in Genoa To receive updates via email instead of the web, subscribe to the free e-newsletter by sending a blank email to cafodatgenoa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com To contact the web team, send an email to genoawebteam@genie.it=20 Nick Buxton & James Stewart CAFOD/DROP THE DEBT WEBTEAM