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Church attacked in Philippines

 A bomb exploded yesterday near a Catholic church in the Philippine city of Zamboanga, 530 miles from the capital Manila. It killed one man and injuring at least twelve other people. Philippine police said the bomb was hidden in bag left at a candle store by the shrine at Fort Pilar. The church was packed with worshippers when the device exploded. Yesterday's incident was the second fatal bombing in the predominantly Christian city in four days - on Thursday, seven people died and more than 100 suffered injuries in two explosions at a shopping centre. Police attributed both attacks the earlier attack, as well as two other bombings in the capital, Manila, on Friday, in which two people died, to Islamic militants. Hours before Sunday's blast, police in Manila captured a man they said was a senior member of the Muslim extremist group, Abu Sayyaf, suspected of staging the earlier Zamboanga blasts. The group is notorious for kidnapping foreigners and Christians in the southern Philippines and it has previously been linked to Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.