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Moscow: St Basil's Cathedral in danger of collapse

 St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow's Red Square is in danger of sinking into the ground and breaking apart, according to a new report commissioned by the Russian government. Major cracks have been discovered in the foundations and walls of Russia's most famous landmark. The report warns that urgent repairs must be carried out to prevent the 400 year-old building from collapse. St Basil's, is currently swathed in green dust nets and scaffolding. A three year restoration project on the exterior of the building is due to end soon. The onion domes now sport gleaming new paintwork, swirls of red and white, chequered patterns in green and yellow. But long cracks can be seen through the brickwork inside the building. Tatyana Nikitina, chief architect for the restoration project said that the massive parades held during the Soviet era are partly to blame for the damage. More recently she said, massive rock concerts in Red Square have taken their toll. But there is now a new threat to St Basil's - as a company is proposing to build a large new hotel with underground carpark near the cathedral.