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Pope receives Palestinian Christian delegation

 Pope John Paul II met with Christian members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and called on all sides in the Middle East conflict to renew their efforts towards peace. He also issued a strong condemnation of terrorism following the suicide bombing in Riyadh at the weekend which left 17 people dead. The Pope said that terrorism "is not only a betrayal of our common humanity, but is absolutely incapable of laying the necessary political, moral and spiritual foundations for a peoples freedom and authentic self-determination." He added: "Despite the recent setbacks on the road to peace and fresh outbreaks of violence and injustice, we must continue to affirm that peace is possible and that the resolution of differences can only come about through the patient dialogue and persevering commitment of people of good will on both sides." The pope also sent his best wishes to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and all the Palestinian people. The weekend bombing also wounded more than 120 people, and occurred during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.