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Vatican sees IT as an 'instrument of peace'

 The Holy See has presented a vision of information technology as an instrument of peace. Speaking in Geneva, at the World Summit on the Information Society, organised by the International Telecommunications Union, Archbishop John Foley, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and head of the Holy See delegation said: "In these days, we cannot build a lasting peace without the cooperation of media networks. They can serve the culture of dialogue, participation, solidarity and reconciliation without which peace cannot flourish." "Instead of featuring violence, immorality and superficiality," the media "could foster a more open and respectful use of information technology to build better reciprocal knowledge and respect and to foster reconciliation and a more fruitful relationship among peoples of different cultures, ideologies and religions." "Technology is a means," he said. "We are responsible for using it so that, in this communication age, the search for truth and true freedom might be advanced among all peoples." Source: VIS