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Holy Land: bells ring out for Pope Benedict

 "It is no longer a hope, it is a certainty: Pope Benedict 16th will be a builder of bridges and prophet of peace for the Holy Land" Franciscan Father di Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Holy Land Custodian told Fides. "All of a sudden the bells of all the different Christian churches, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox rang in sign of jubilation" he said. "I was not in the house and when I heard the bells I realised something special had happened, the new Pope had been elected. We are very happy, the entire Christian community here is rejoicing. There ! is however some apprehension in Jewish circles. Some media operators asked me if a German Pope might change the Holy See's attitude to Israel. I dispelled their fears: Pope Ratzinger will work in continuity with his predecessor, he too will be a builder of peace. For my part I am certain Benedict 16th will continue to show concern and closeness on behalf of the Church and the Holy See towards the Holy Land. I know he will speak words of peace and build bridges of reconciliation." Source: Fides