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Church protests at attacks on religious in China

 In response to reports that a community of nun in Xi'an and six priests in Zhengding have suffered violent attacks, the Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls made the following declaration yesterday: "Over these days, news agencies have reported two disconcerting events carried out against, respectively, the Franciscan Sisters in Xi'an and six priests in the diocese of Zhengding. "These news items, though it is not possible to verify the exact details of their circumstances, provoke pain and disapproval. "The violence practised in Xi'an against a number of defenceless nuns cannot but be firmly condemned. And the detention of six priests of Zhengding, like the earlier detentions of priests in other localities, is also a cause for grave concern. As on earlier occasions, the reasons for the coercive measures inflicted upon them are unknown." Source: VIS