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SIGNIS condemns publication of Danish cartoons

The President of SIGNIS, (The World Catholic Association for Communication) Augustine Loorthusamy has condemned the publication of the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad which were published in the Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten, and then republished around the world.

But in a statement on behalf of SIGNIS he said: "the provocation of the cartoons does not justify the violence and fanaticism of some of those who have protested against them." He reiterated the "unswerving commitment" of SIGNIS to the "principles of freedom of speech and expression" and expressed its solidarity with those Muslims who have condemned the violence and urged the protestors to rely solely on peaceful means.

He pledged SIGNIS members worldwide "to communicate through the media in ways that contribute to peace, build inter-religious and intercultural dialogue and foster democratic debate based on mutual respect and tolerance."