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Dutch Christian builds modern Ark

 A Dutchman is building a working replica of Noah's Ark, in order to teach children about the Bible. Johan Huibers, 47, will be stocking the vessel with horses, lambs, chickens and rabbits - mostly baby animals to save space. Huibers plans to set sail from his home in Schagen, 45km (30 miles) north of Amsterdam, in September, stopping off at towns throughout the Netherlands canal system. Visitors will invited on board for a small charge. the entrance ticket will include a tour of the boat and a religious pamphlet. Hiubers needs 100,000 people to come aboard in order to cover the nearly one million Euros he has spent on the project - raising the money from savings and loans. He told reporters said his wife was not very enthusiastic about the Ark. He said: "She told me - why don't you dig wells in Ethiopia?- But she understands this is my dream."