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Bishops welcome promising new adult stem cell treatments

 The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has welcomed promising new adult stem cell treatments for patients suffering from heart disease and strokes.

Last week it was reported that researchers at the Imperial College London are developing a type of stem cell heart surgery which could give heart patients more treatment options, and the International Neuroscience Institute in Hanover, Germany pioneered a new stem cell treatment to help stroke patients regain movement and speech.

"These developments yet again demonstrate the wonderful power of medical science and the potential of adult stem cells in practical therapy," said the Most Reverend Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff.

"There are increasing clinical uses for adult stem cells and their use raises none of the problems created by embryonic stem cells which require the destruction of human embryos.

"The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales is encouraged by these new scientific developments which aim to cure disease and suffering through the use of adult stem cells."

Source: CCN