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India: 4,000 Christians arrested during peaceful protest

 More than 4,000 protesters were arrested in Delhi on Tuesday, as they marched through the streets asking the government to break its silence on violence against Christians. They were released shortly afterwards. Tuesday's rally was organized in the wake of an increasing number of attacks on the Christian community, one of which was televised. Several churches have been bombed and priests, religious and laypeople have been attacked. Speakers at the event demanded protection and constitutional rights for the Christian community and other minorities. The president of the All India Catholic Union and secretary-general of the All India Christian Council, John Dayal, said: "This was the first time since November 1997 that such large numbers of Christians have been arrested in the Parliament Street Police Station. "It was incredible to see Catholic nuns, Protestant pastors, civil society activists and others singing Christian songs of liberation within the police station." Source: Fides/Bombay Catholic Sabah