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DR Congo: little Christmas joy for thousands displaced by war

 The humanitarian situation in Eastern Congo still remains dismal as fighting between rebels and government forces has displaced more than 800,000 people. A Catholic missionary in the region told CISA that fighting is still going on a few kilometers from the town of Goma, and things are not likely to improve soon. "As it is still the rainy season, you can see how people do suffer, with no place to sleep, no food to eat, no medicine, no school and no church because most of the parishes in those area are closed, he said. "You can understand how difficult it will be to celebrate Christmas in those areas. How much is Christmas meaningful to those people? But the missionary said the Christmas season reminds the people that God has not forgotten them; they should not be discouraged. "On the contrary, we are encouraged because the poor Jesus Christ, our Saviour was born in such situation. He was not born in a comfortable hospital but among the animals, he became also refugee in Egypt. Yet he is our only Saviour. We hope that this Child during this Christmas Season will bring hope and peace here in Eastern Congo." Source: CISA