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A time to reflect for young people - first posted 30 April 2000

 LONDON - 30 April 2000 - 160 words

A time to reflect for young people - first posted 30 April 2000

'Exploring Presence' - a new group for young adults - has started at Sacred Heart Church in Horseferry Road, central London.

Meeting at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month, around 25 people from all over London share prayerful reflections, music and quiet time.

Brought together by Sr Eileen McLoughlin, a vocations co-ordinator with the Chigwell Sisters, Fr Pat Browne, Westminster's vocation director, and teacher Veronica Towers, this gentle meditative gathering has been attracting students, people in and out of work, Catholics and non-Catholics. All are welcome.

Sr Eileen said: "It's really about giving people space in which to see where they are and reflect on where they are going."

Veronica, who used to attend Cardinal Hume's 'At Home For Young People' evenings as a student, said: "That was a very formative time for me. I think young people need places like this."

The next meeting takes place on 6 June.