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New books: Damian Lundy, Michael Hollings

 LONDON - 8 December 2000 - 230 words New books: Damian Lundy, Michael Hollings For our Life is but a Song - a biography of Damian Lundy FSC By Benet Conroy FSC and Gerard Rummery FSC This is a lively biography of Damian Lundy, the De la Salle brother whose life and achievements make inspirational reading. He was a keen promoter of liturgical renewal and of helping people live the new insights that poured out of Vatican II. Damian is one of the most attractive Catholic characters of recent times. He was a man of prayer and creative activity - a teacher, co-founder of the St Cassian Retreat Centre for young people at Kintbury, advocate or more effective catechesis, author and writer of hymns. The book contains personal recollections from many friends and is full of insights into the excitement and challenges of the first years after Vatican II as seen through the life of one of its most dedicated and talented champions. Illustrated: colour & black and white photographs. Published by McCrimmons ISBN 085597 624 price: £7.95 Coming soon: Press On! Michael Hollings - his life and witness Prepared by Jock Dalrymple, Terry Tastard and Joan McCrimmon With contributions from Sheila Cassidy, Madeleine Simon, Paul Milanowski, Elizabeth Rees, Alexander Sherbrook, Rod Strange, Anthony Baxter and the late Cardinal Hume. Illustrated: colour and black and white photographs. Published by McCrimmons ISBN 085597 626 8 Pre-publication price: £7.95 To be published in February 2001