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London: Retreat with Edith Stein, Etty Hillesum and Simone Weil

Retreat with Edith Stein, Etty Hillesum and Simone Weil - The Saint, the Writer and the Mystic. Three Geniuses live the Crisis of Europe. Dr Stefan G Reynolds will be leading this retreat at the Meditatio Centre, on Saturday, 25 March, looking at how these three women, living through the Second World War forged their visions through a response to God, to creativity and to suffering in their lives and in those around them. It is a journey into holiness, honesty and compassion.

Dr Reynolds is an Oblate of WCCM and an Associate of the Irish Cistercians, a regular leader of retreats and holds a Doctorate in Christian Spirituality from London University.

Retreat with the Mystics takes place on Saturday 25 March 10.30am - 4pm. Cost £30 Concessions £20.
Light refreshments provided.

The Meditatio Centre is at St Mark's, Myddelton Sq London EC1R 1XX. For more information see: www.meditatiocentrelondon.org