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Viewpoint: Why has Guantanamo not shut?

Detainees arrive 2002 - Wiki image

Detainees arrive 2002 - Wiki image

By: Paul Donovan

When Barack Obama became US President eight years ago, one of his early promises was to close the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay. As he leaves office, that promise remains unfulfilled, with a number of men remaining detained there, Paul Donovan writes in his latest blog.

The broken promise comes to mind, when visiting Edmund Clark's War on terror exhibition, presently running at the Imperial War Museum.

The exhibition chronicles the conditions that hundreds of people were held under at Guantanamo Bay for many years, juxtaposed next to Britain's own internal security model - the control order, which turned houses into prisons, with individuals being held for long periods of time without ever being told of what they were accused.

The images are haunting - the shackles from Guantanamo that were used to hold people down and restrict movement. The matter a fact regulations from the Home Office about the restrictions applied to an individual held under held control order conditions.

To read on see: http://paulfdonovan.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/obama-promise-to-close-guantanamo.html