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London: Conference on the Life and Thought of Louis Massignon

A two-day International Conference on The Life and Thought of Louis Massignon within a wider Ecumenical and Dialogical Perspective, will take place at Heythrop College on Tuesday 22 - Wednesday 23 November 2016. The event has been organised by The Centre for Eastern Christianity In association with Centre for Christianity and Interreligious Dialogue, Heythrop College, University of London.

Louis Massignon (25 July 1883 - 31 October 1962) was a Melkite Greek Catholic Priest, a Catholic scholar of Islam and a well-known religious and political figure in the relationship between France, Europe and the Middle East. The conference will seek to contextualize his work in the ecclesial and theological of his time and how he continues to influence wider Christian thought today, especially with regard to the modern Papacy and Ecumenical engagement.

For more information see: www.heythrop.ac.uk/events/life-and-thought-louis-massignon-within-wider-ecumenical-and-dialogical-perspective