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Prayers for children to learn and treasure

On the first Monday of the month, Ten Ten theatre send a newsletter to parents who have attended a parent session in a school. The newsletter includes a chapter from the booklet "Being a Parent Today: Children, Faith and Family Life", published by the CTS.

Ten Ten director Martin O'Brien writes in Jericho Tree: In my diocese (Westminster), the Archbishop has asked that the prayer 'Hail Holy Queen' is said at all Masses as a dedication throughout the Year of Mercy When I was a child, my Nan used to get us all to say the Hail Holy Queen. Admittedly, it's quite a complicated prayer and at a young age I definitely got some of the words wrong on a regular basis! In fact, it is only in recent adult life that I have actually discovered and understood the actual words themselves. Nevertheless, it has been comforting to return to the prayer and discover its richness as an adult.

To read on, see: http://jerichotree.com/2016/02/04/prayers-for-children-to-learn-and-treasure/

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