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16th March - Saint Fintan Lobur

St Finan was an Irish abbot who lived in the 6th century. Although of Munster descent he was born in Leinster. He is said to have suffered from a skin disease, possibly leprosy. He ruled over the monastery of Swords, north of Dublin, and possibly over Clonmore at the end of his life, where he was buried.

St Fintan originally opposed the adoption of the Roman method for determining the date of Easter. A synod convened at Magh Lene in 631 was unable to resolve the matter, so a delegation was sent to Rome. After this Fintan withdrew his opposition and adopted the system with the rest of Ireland. He died on 21 October 635.

In one of his few surviving quotes, he said: "Most ignorant and of least account among the faithful, despised by many. I owe it to God 's grace that so many people should through me be born again to Him."

St Fintan is a patron of those suffering from leprosy.