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London: Sign Language Day

 A special day to learn more about sign language and the Deaf Community in Westminster takes place on Wednesday, 19 November 2-4.30pm There will be sessions on: Finger spelling; Deaf Awareness and guided prayer. The day takes place in the Hinsley Room, Morpeth Terrace, Victoria (adjacent to Westminster Cathedral) Cost £20. For more information e-mail Shell Roca on: Shellroca@rcdow.org.uk or write to: Westminster Diocese Deaf Service, Westminster House, Watford Way, London NW4 4TY.

To book a place please send your name and address details, telephone/fax and access requirements before 12th November 2008 with a cheque payable to Westminster Diocese Deaf Service to WDDS, Westminster House, Watford Way, London NW4 4TY