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Conference on 'ethical issues at the beginnings of life'

 Conference on 'ethical issues at the beginnings of life'

A conference on 'ethical issues at the beginnings of life' will take place at St Mary's University College, Twickenham, in Room E7 on Saturday, 18 October from 10am ­ 3.30pm

The conference convenor is Trevor Stammers, Lecturer in Healthcare Ethics at St. Mary's. Speakers include Anne Carus, Medical Director. LIFE Fertility Centre, Liverpool on: 'Making Babies ­ Naprotechnology as an Alternative to IVF' ; David Jones, Professor of Bioethics, at St Mary's on 'World religions and the beginning of life' ; Norman Wells Director of the Family Education Trust on 'Waking up to the Morning After Pill ­ Legal and ethical controversies with the emergency pill'; and Wendy Hiscox, Lecturer and Research Fellow in Medical Law, St Mary's on: 'Starter's Orders ­ Legal aspects of gamete donation'.
For more information e-mail Edmund Adamus at: edmundadamus@rcdow.org.uk