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The toll of anti-Christian violence in India

The toll of anti-Christian violence in India The following figures have been sent to us by the Pontifical Missionary Society. They cover the time from 24 August and 29 September, 2008.

ORISSA 14 Districts hit 300 Villages destroyed 4,300 Houses burnt 50,000 Homeless 57 People murdered 10 Fathers/Pastors/Nuns injured 2 Women gang-raped 18,000 Men, women, children injured 149 Churches destroyed 13 Schools,colleges destroyed

KARNATAKA 4 Districts devastated 19 Churches attacked 20 Nuns, women injured

KERALA 3 Churches damaged

MADHYA PRADESH 4 Churches damaged

DELHI 1 Church destroyed 4 Attempts made

TAMAIL NADU 1 Church attacked

UTTAR PRADESH 2 murdered - aged priest and employee

Source: PMS

Tags: Orissa