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Play: Healthy Heart

scene from Healthy Heart

scene from Healthy Heart

"Grandma has been living in our house for over a month now. Everywhere I turn, there she is, and when she’s not there, then there’s always something of hers hanging around, something minging, like her underwear on the radiator."

When Monika’s Polish Grandma moves into the family home following a heart attack, her life takes a dramatic turn....but as her relationship with her Grandma develops, Monika is challenged to think about what it really means to have a “healthy heart”.

Ten Ten Theatre, the Catholic theatre company, will be performing Martin O'Brien's new play 'Healthy Heart' at the Leicester Square Theatre on Saturday, 24 November at 4pm.

Telling the story of the relationship between an 11-year-old girl and her Polish grandmother, this is a funny and moving play about faith suitable for the whole family.  For tickets please visit the Ten Ten Theatre website: www.tententheatre.co.uk or telephone the theatre box office 08448 733433.