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Relics of Don Bosco to visit London

St John Bosco

St John Bosco

Start your year with Don Bosco when the relics of this great saint of youth visit Westminster Cathedral on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of January. Since his birth almost 200 years ago Don Bosco has inspired parents, teachers and young people with his down to earth approach to holiness as simply being cheerful. This optimistic event will include a lively Mass and an opportunity for a friendly experience of confession in Don Bosco's style.

Uniquely, the pilgrimage also offers an experience of walking through one of Don Bosco's dreams. This “pilgrim experience” will guide you into a journey that will help you focus your life for the year ahead. Members of the Salesian family in the UK will take you to the relics where you can pray with Don Bosco for the year ahead. All those in the diocese with international Salesian connections, families, schools and young people are especially welcome.

Visit the website at: www.donboscorelics.co.uk/

Timetable: Friday: Pilgrim experience 2-8.30pm Closing liturgy 8.30pm. Saturday: Pilgrim experience. 8am-1.30pm Mass 2pm. School groups are welcome to start their year with Don Bosco but need to communicate via the website.

Source: Fr David O’Malley davidomalley@lineone.net  Savio House Youth Centre, Macclesfield