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Columbans in Korea protest construction of military base

Mass on beach

Mass on beach

Columban missionaries have joined the Catholic solidarity movement in South Korea opposing the construction of a military base on the beautiful Korean island of Jeju.  Jeju has been called the ‘island of peace’ but a new naval base could endanger that and significant environmental destruction is already underway.

Yesterday, Columban Pat Cunningham and Columban students attended a rally in front of parliament buildings. There was a very moving liturgical celebration and candle light vigil attended by more than 500 people near the National Assembly.

Pat Cunningham reports: “We had hoped to bring the protest to the vicinity of the Assembly building but our march was blocked by a couple of hundred of police! The struggle continues!”

The following link is a documentary showing the protests: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aSJgZOkLlU&feature=youtube_gdata