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Libya: missionaries say thousands trapped at home

St Francis Church, Tripoli

St Francis Church, Tripoli

Heavy artillery exchanges took place on Monday in Misurata, a city 200km east of Tripoli, where thousands of civilians are 'trapped, Missionary News Service sources report. They stress that that in addition to the actual conflict between those loyal to Colonel Gaddaffi and protesters, there is a 'psychological war' taking place.

On a humanitarian level, the most critical points remain Zawiya, where the rebel forces control the central area, and Misurata. In this city, the nuns who work in the hospitals spoke of terrified civilians barricaded in their homes.

The UN deputy secretary general Valerie Amos called on the Libyan government for “immediate access” for aid workers to bring assistance to the injured. Missionaries and hospital staff have appealed for an 'aid corridor' as the death toll increases.

Source: MISNA