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Audition for Gospel singers

Premier Radio is looking to form a new Gospel Choir and you could be a part of it! On 12 March they are holding auditions at the Premier studios in front of a panel of judges including Muyiwa, John Pantry and Jocelyn Brown.

The best singers will be chosen to perform at the live finals on the following Saturday 19 March. The finals will take place at Emmanuel Christian Centre, Marsham Street and there will be live performances from special guest artists. The winners of the finals will form the new Premier Gospel Choir and will be performing at London Bible Week and other high profile events. Auditions take place on Saturday, 12 March, at 10am, in the Premier Studios, London For more information go to: www.premier.org.uk/events/premierevents/Premier%20Gospel%20Choir%20Search%20-%20The%20Auditions.aspx