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Former Anglicans - welcome to your new Catholic community!

 As an ordinary Catholic parishioner, housewife, mother, catechist and youth worker,  I would like to welcome the former Anglicans to our Church. I hope that they pay attention to the teachings of Pope Benedict on all subjects - not just liturgy.  The Holy Father also speaks often on social teaching and encourages us to be involved in our communities at all levels.

In most Catholic parishes they will find a 'rich tradition' of things like CAFOD, the SVP, Pax Christi, HCPT, homeless projects, choirs, youth clubs, prayer groups, study groups,  projects helping asylum seekers, prison visiting groups. In the summer we have day trips  and longer pilgrimages overseas. We regularly collaborate with our Anglican, Methodist and URC neighbours on Fair Trade projects, as well as prayer events. We have even visited a mosque and a synagogue.

Don't stay by yourselves. Please come and join us.

Sukele Ryan