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Last chance to double donations to Thai Children's Trust

Thank you to everyone who doubled their donations through the Thai Children's Trust Big Give on Monday and Tuesday.

Matched funding ran out very, very early on both days. The Big Give website also experienced some problems due to the sheer number of people logging on. The Big Give is giving just one more chance to double donations.

At 10am on Wednesday morning, please click here:
https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/donate/donate.php?charity_id=5983&project_id=8085 to double your donation.

Your support will help feed 3,500 Burmese refugee children. The matched funding ran out in 11 minutes today, so please be quick!

If you give £5, your donation will be doubled to £10. With Gift Aid, that makes £12.82. And that will buy 65 lunches for hungry children. Not bad for a fiver!

The Big Give is a consortium of philanthropists who have pledged to match donations given to selected charities within a certain limited time.