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London exhibition: Being Untouchable - portraits of the Dalit

Dalit boy by Marcus Perkins

Dalit boy by Marcus Perkins

Being Untouchable, a groundbreaking photography exhibition, sponsored by Christian Solidarity Worldwide,  presents a rare and intimate series of portraits of the lives of Indian Dalits.

A moving and hard-hitting collection by documentary photographer Marcus Perkins, Being Untouchable exposes the present-day impact of centuries of oppression, exploitation and injustice against a people who comprise one in forty of the world's population.

The show is open for public view 10am-6pm, 18-23 October at HOST Gallery, 1-5 Honduras Street London EC1Y 0TH. Nearest Tube: Old St.

Visit www.csw.org.uk/events or www.foto8.com for more information.