Prayers, Prayer Requests

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All those taking holidays this summer

For all those affected by the earthquakes in Greece and Turkey

For Okky's intentions

For Adrian Quadros' intentions

For a friend having treatment in hospital.

For Lucy Crispin's missionary work in Ireland.

For all those people in Canada and the USA who've been affected by the forest fires

All those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy

Pope's Monthly Prayer Intention for July


Lapsed Christians.

That our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and witness to the Gospel, may rediscover the merciful closeness of the Lord and the beauty of the Christian life.

For Kathleen Hale's intentions.

For Charlie Gard and his parents.

Prayer Requests

For victims of the FInsbury Park Mosque terror attack

For all victims of the forest fire in Portugal

For the people of Gaza suffering massive powercuts

For all those in the Grenfell tower block fire, the victims, their families and the emergency services.

For the UK government after the election.

For Hayley and Ian, getting married on Saturday. Bless their marriage.

For all victims and those affected by the London Bridge attack

Praying for SE1 (from Southwark Cathedral website)

Loving God, when terror came to our doorstep,
and stalked our streets
you were there with us
in the fear and agony.
Remain with us
and with all those caught up
in the horror of these events,
the injured and distressed
those who died
and all who seek your peace
which passes understanding.

For everyone participating in the UK parliamentary election campaign

For all the victims of the bomb blast in Baghdad

Roger Moore RIP

For the victims of the terror attack in Manchester, their families and friends.

For Beckie in ICU and not much time. She just got her High School diploma. Childhood Leukemia

For Chuck Haddad’s intentions

For dear Matt who has died, and his family

For Abby who is going through chemo at the moment. Please give her a complete recovery.

Mark who has pneumonia

Maria Varley CP and Jac van Leeuwen CP RIP

For the people of France and their new government.

For Matt who is very ill and his family

For all prisoners on Death Row in the USA. For all victims of crime.

For Jean who is fading fast

For Leo who has been executed after years of incarceration in Arkansas - and his family

For Christopher and his parents

Please pray for Ivy who is very ill.

For Colin and Andrew

For Cardinal André Vingt-trois.

For a very troubled family

For Maureen and Patrick in hospital

For all victims of the attacks in Stockholm and Egypt.

Charles Owen CP RIP

For Edwin's special intention

For a friend going to visit her sick mother

John who has serious addiction problems.

For all victims of the attack in St Petersburg and other recent attacks

For Maureen and Pat - much loved couple, who were knocked down by a car and are recovering in hospital.

For Andrzej recovering from operation

For all the victims of the terrorist attack in Westminster

Urgent prayers needed for Carola. She had a life-threatening accident and now has contracted a hospital infection.

For Josephine Rosaria's intentions
Chuck Berry RIP

For Helen - young wife and mother who died on 16 March 2017, and her family.

Sheila Rowan RIP

Please pray for Helen - a young wife and mother who has liver failure.

MK appeals for prayers - Donors, all miracles needed for my single father 21 adopted families 40 daughters in India.

For Matt - husband, father, brother, who is undergoing treatment for a spinal tumour and other problems. Please for Matt and his family.

For a friend with anorexia

For Timea - that she gets a good job very soon

Sister Cecilia Goodman CJ RIP

Little Jonah is recovering from his op in intensive care.

Please pray for Charles who is seriously ill.

Little Jonah who is recovering from his second liver transplant.

Fr Augustine Measures OSB RIP

Friends and relatives in hospital undergoing chemo

Kak Awat Hassan

John Hurt RIP

Worldwide day of prayer for Standing Rock

For all the poor souls executed in Saudi Arabia recently - and their families
A friend in hospital

For Paul who is unwell tonight

Please pray for the Mums of Andrew Papist and Fr Jim Sichko

For Peter Karol, dear husband and father RIP

For Ellen Teague's mother, Margaret Foley, who died this morning, 7 January. And all her family at this time.

Terry's intentions

For the release of Fr Tom Uzhunnalil, kidnapped in Yemen,

All the unnamed victims of war and violence in Syria, Iraq, DR Congo, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Colombia and elsewhere.

Carrie Fisher RIP

George Michael RIP

All those with AIDS/ HIV and their loved ones

For the intentions of Sukwinder Pal and his family

Christina who is feeling unwell and having medical tests

For the people of Syria, trapped in Aleppo and other cities. For the people of Gaza and Yemen trapped under appalling conditions. For peace in the Middle East and the world.

For all the people of the United States and their leaders - that they unite and work for peace, justice and the environment in their country and the world

For John struggling with addiction

For a difficult family situation

Sue who is ill

For all countries suffering drought

Joan Reilly - much loved teacher at St Mary's, Strawberry Hill, RIP

For Ged going through cancer treatment

Please pray for Sudhakaran suffering from secondary stage of cancer.
For Jean Woodcock RIP and her husband John.