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Pope's prayer intention is for Workers and the Unemployed: That all workers may receive respect and protection of their rights, and that the unemployed may receive the opportunity to contribute to the common good"

See: Video - Pope's Prayer Intention for October: Workers and the Unemployed

and Reflection - Praying with the Pope in October

For the people killed and all those affected by Hurricane Ophelia

Young woman coping with HIV diagnosis

A friend having surgery next week.

Someone having a knee operation on Tuesday.

For the hundreds of thousands of of Rohingya refugees arriving in Bangladesh this week, and those helping them

For peaceful resolution to the Catalonia problem

For those injured at South Kensington

For every sleeping on our streets tonight

For a friend soon to undergo surgery

For John

For a priest who is coping with a serious illness.

For all victims of the death penalty in the USA

For all victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

For Liz who is out of intensive care, back in hospital in England and we hope, going home soon. And all her friends.


Pope Francis' Prayer Intention for September -'For parishes at service of mission' See:

Sabeel Wave of Prayer 28 September 2017 -

Michael and Kathleen RIP.

For Liz who has had a serious accident on the Camino and is in intensive care in a hospital in Santander.

For everyone caught up in the latest hurricanes in the Caribbean, floods in Asia, earthquake in Mexico.

For the Rohinga people forced to flee Burma and the Aung Sang Su Chi and the government in Burma that they have a change of heart.

For Chris' my mother Joan, who is terminally ill.

For Mary Ellen

For everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma.

For Cardinal Cormac RIP

Dr Michael Phelan RIP

For all the victims and survivors of Hurricane Harvey, and the storms in south Asia.

For John Paul that he passes his exams well

For victims of the attacks in Spain

For the people of Sierra Leone, killed or injured in the mudslide - their loved ones and everyone trying to help them

For Coco who is weak

For Marie Danagher RIP her husband Michael and family

Fr Paolo dall'Oglio SJ - kidhapped four years ago in Syria.

For all those affected by the earthquakes in Greece and Turkey

For Lucy Crispin's missionary work in Ireland.

For all those people in Canada and the USA who've been affected by the forest fires

All those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy

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